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6 Cool Reasons to Become a ZipWP Affiliate

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Revolutionary Product:

ZipWP isn’t just another website builder; it’s a game-changer. Promote a product that simplifies website creation using AI.

High Conversion Rates:

With ZipWP’s AI-powered website creation, expect high conversion rates. Users quickly recognize the value of this innovative solution.

Wide Target Audience:

ZipWP caters to diverse users. You can effectively reach and convert a broad spectrum of potential customers.

Recurring Commissions:

We offer 25% recurring commissions for three years. Earn commissions when referrals renew subscriptions.

Help Your Audience Succeed:

Provide your audience a solution to their challenge. They’ll thank you for introducing a tool that saves time and effort.

High Demand, Low Competition

The traditional website creation process is daunting. ZipWP fills this gap with AI technology, giving you an opportunity in a hungry market.

If You Are One of the Below, You Are Our Hero


Write about web design and WordPress? Join our affiliate program.


Collaborate with us and share ZipWP’s revolutionary website creation.


Showcase ZipWP’s magic on your channel; your videos can go viral.

Agency Owner

Boost income and client productivity with ZipWP.

Tech Reviewer

Review ZipWP and share the new way of building websites with your readers.


Partner with us and earn while helping others succeed.


Introduce ZipWP to your students for easy website creation.

Community Contributor

Help your community discover ZipWP’s effortless website building.

Join the ZipWP Revolution and Earn Big as an Affiliate!

Earn Passive Income by Promoting the Future of Effortless Website Creation.

Trust, Growth, Success: The Pillars of Our Affiliate Partnership

We’re dedicated to your success as an affiliate, ensuring you have all the resources necessary to thrive.


Real-Time Tracking

ZipWP offers real-time tracking, so you can instantly monitor referrals and earnings, ensuring your efforts are paying off.

Affiliate Dashboard: Our user-friendly dashboard provides access to resources, custom tracking links, and detailed reports, making affiliate management efficient.

In-Depth Analytics: Create custom tracking links easily. Create unique links for different campaigns, helping you measure the success of each promotion effortlessly.

Optimize with Unique Links: Gain insights into conversions, referrals, and commissions. Make data-driven decisions for a successful affiliate strategy.

Brand Assets & Guidance

Joining our affiliate program means you’ll receive comprehensive support to ensure your success. Here’s what you’ll get:

Images & Banners:  Access a library of eye-catching images and banners to enhance your promotional efforts.

Swipe Copies:  Benefit from ready-made, persuasive copy to use in your marketing materials.

Expert Advice: Receive guidance and insights from our affiliate marketing experts to optimize your strategy and earnings.

How Much Can I Earn?

With ZipWP’s Affiliate Program, the earning potential is unlimited. You can turn your referrals into a steady stream of income, thanks to our generous 25% recurring commission structure.

Example: Imagine you refer 20 monthly customers to the ZipWP Business plan priced at $79 per month. Here’s how your earnings can grow over time:

Month 1: You refer 20 customers, earning you $395 in commissions.
Month 2: Those initial 20 customers continue their subscriptions, and you refer another 20. Your commissions for the month increase to $790.
Month 3: With your referrals compounding, you’re now earning $1,185
Month 6: Your commissions have reached $2,370.
Month 12: After a year of consistent referrals, you’re earning $4,740 every month!
Month 36:  Your monthly income has soared to an impressive $14,220, all from your initial referrals compounding.

That’s the power of our recurring commissions. Your efforts today can lead to substantial monthly income for three years as long as your referred customers continue their subscriptions.

Start referring now and watch your earnings grow exponentially!

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