February 7, 2024

Now You Can Set Default WordPress Username and Password.

ZipWP now offers an extra layer of convenience for our Business Plan users. Say goodbye to random usernames and passwords for your new websites!

How It Works:

Navigate to My Account > Preferences and set your preferred username and password. It’s that simple!

What It Means for You:

From now on, every new website you create will use your custom username and password. No more hassle of changing it later – we’ve got you covered!

Enjoy the seamless experience of creating websites with ZipWP’s Business Plan. Your preferences, your control.

Upgrade to Business Plan today and personalize your website creation journey!

🚀 Keep building with ZipWP!

January 25, 2024

Cloudflare Integration & Managing Email Notifications Made Easy! ✨

Hey ZipWP community!

I’m thrilled to share some fantastic details of the latest ZipWP release. It was sent out today and includes Cloudflare integration for white-labeling domain of your ZipWP organizations.

Along with Cloudflare integration, we have added the ability to adjust email notifications. This feature allows you to prioritize email alerts based on your preferences.

Read the complete details below.

Cloudflare Integration

Prior to this update, it was not possible to white label the domain for your ZipWP organization if you had your domain registered with Cloudflare as Cloudflare doesn’t make it easy to update or change your nameservers.

But now, that has changed. We’ve introduced a very simple way to white-label the domain of your ZipWP organization if you have your domain registered with Cloudflare.

Just generate an API token in your Cloudflare account with the right permissions, add it to your ZipWP account, and all the new websites that you create will use your domain.

Here is an article that explains this process step by step.

Manage Your Email Notifications Effortlessly 🔔

We’ve also added the option to adjust the email notifications you receive for different events, such as when a site is created, deleted, or expires. You can turn off notifications that are not important to you.

We believe that you will find these updates helpful. Try them out right now, and feel free to reach out to us if you would need any help.

Until next time!

January 20, 2024

Faster, Easier, and More Integrated!

Hey ZipWP community,

We’re back with another thrilling update, and trust me, you’re going to love what we’ve got in store for you this time!

It’s Easier Than Ever to Try Something New

Ever wanted to try how a certain plugin works? Well, now you just have to visit, and you will have a clean WordPress install so that you can try it instantly.

You got that right; the website is for trying something new. No registration required, just a fresh, clean WordPress site instantaneously created for you.

Try today and bookmark the domain for future use.

Seamless Plugin and Theme Trials

If you’re browsing the WordPress repository and stumble upon a plugin or theme you’re itching to try, just swap ‘WordPress’ in the URL with ‘ZipWP’. We’ll instantly create a new WordPress site with your chosen plugin or theme pre-installed.

Yelp & Google My Business Integration

Show off your Yelp and Google My Business profiles on your website in style! Our onboarding process now supports these profiles, adding more flair to your website.

Websites Built Using ZipWP Are Now Pre-Authenticated

Built a website using ZipWP? Customize it like a pro with our AI credits! Write copy, generate code, and more. Plus, our AI-powered adaptive templates library helps you craft stunning pages effortlessly. And guess what? Websites built using ZipWP are now pre-authenticated, so you can dive straight into customization without any setup hassles!

Skip the tedious connection and onboarding process. Dive straight into our AI Assistant to tweak your copy, customize pages, or use our adaptive templates. More time creating, less time setting up!

Bulk Site Deletion: A Time-Saver!

No more deleting sites one by one! We know your time is precious, so we’ve added the ability to bulk delete multiple sites from your account. A simple yet powerful update that’ll save you loads of time. 

Fixes and Improvements – Because We Care!

  • Auto-recovery for broken Gutenberg blocks post-AI site generation.
  • Enhanced clarity in error messages for usage limits.
  • Improvements in the ZipWP customizer for a smoother navigation experience.
  • Better error handling and reporting in image search.
  • Removal of unsupported languages for a streamlined experience.

These updates are all about making your website-building journey smoother, faster, and more enjoyable. 

We can’t wait for you to try them out and hear your feedback. Remember, at ZipWP, we’re constantly innovating to keep you ahead in the digital world.

Cheers to creating amazing websites with ease!

Your ZipWP Team

January 9, 2024

Install Features, Set Default Language & Status for Creating Sites!

Today, we sent out three useful features that will help you create and manage your sites more efficiently. This post will walk you through the details of these features and explain how they help in making things better for you!

Add Useful Features While Creating Complete Sites!

When creating a complete website with ZipWP, you can enhance it with powerful features!

For instance, if you’re designing a website for a non-profit and wish to collect donations, simply select the donations feature while creating the site.

ZipWP will then seamlessly install the right plugin based on the feature you select, such as SureCart for donations and SureTriggers for task automation.

There’s no need for you to go through a long list of plugins and install them manually one by one after the site is created—ZipWP takes care of most things.

Once these plugins are  installed and activated, you can simply configure them in a few clicks based on your needs.

Right now, you can add four key features to your site: Sales Funnel, Donation, Automations and Integrations, and Video Players.

In the coming days, we will have more features like contact forms, e-commerce functionality, blogs, and more!

Set The Default Status Of Your Website

If you’re on a paid ZipWP subscription, you can prevent your websites from expiring by marking them as permanent.

If you want all your sites to automatically take the permanent status after they’re created, you can simply change the default site status preference according to your needs.

This helps in saving your sites from expiring without requiring you to manually mark them as permanent. Of course, you can also remove unimportant sites from the  permanent status later.

Change The Default Language For Create New Sites

Prior to this update, you did not have the option to change the preferred language for creating complete sites.

But now, you can set your preference in account settings.

So, if you’re a web designer based in Brazil and prefer creating sites in Portuguese, you can set your preferred site language as Portuguese.

Since this is an experimental feature, you may not observe 100% accuracy in the website copy. Therefore, we suggest you carefully review your site after it has been created.

That’s all for now. 

We’re working on a couple of more cool things that you will see in the coming days. Till try everything from this update and let us know your thoughts!

December 26, 2023

ZipWP Now Supports WordPress Multisite

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of ZipWP, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your website creation experience. Here’s what you can look forward to in this release:

WordPress Multisite:

We have added an option to create a WordPress Multisite in just one click. Setting up a network of sites has never been easier!

All new sites are now permanently enabled by default for all paid plans.

All new sites created on paid plans will now default to being permanent, so you don’t have to worry about them expiring. Of course, you can choose to make them temporary if you prefer.

Soon, we will provide an option for you to set the default behavior — whether you want new sites to be permanent or temporary.

Preparations for Public APIs

Soon, you will be able to build your apps or integrations as we’re gearing up to release public APIs of ZipWP. The first application to utilize these APIs will be our Starter Templates plugin. It will allow you to create an AI-powered website directly from your WordPress installation.

Stay tuned for updates on this.

That’s all for today. Cheers! 🙂

December 19, 2023

Introducing Blueprints & Site Cloning

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest feature, Site Cloning, which enables you to create perfect site blueprints that you can clone for new projects.

Simply create a new website inside the Zip platform and add all the plugins, settings, and custom code that you use for each new website you create. Make sure to mark this new blueprint site as permanent.

Now when you start a new project, simply clone the blueprint.


  • Site cloning
December 5, 2023

Introducing New Adaptive Design Library

We are pleased to introduce you to our new Adaptive Design Library, which is a fully customized design library to build out beautiful new pages fast.

There are two very special features in the new design library.

Adaptive Design Library

Unlike static template designs, this new design library fully adapts to your website’s exiting design. This gives you a pixel perfect preview of how it will look on your website.

And each section in the design library can further be customized with Color Styles pulled from your color palette. Simply choose one of the three color style options and insert it into your layout.

Customize With AI

Optionally you can customize the copy and images in the entire design library with AI.

This provides the perfect jump start when creating new pages.

To customize the copy and images, simply click on the button in the top right of the design library. The cost to customize the entire library is 5,000 credits, but you can also customize individual categories for 500 credits each.

To access the new Adaptive Design Library, you need to install the Starter Templates plugin. Soon we will bring it into the Spectra plugin that is used to build all Zip sites.

This marks an important milestone to our release of custom websites which will be based on this new Adaptive Design Library.


  • Adaptive Design Library
November 20, 2023

Interface Refinements Released

We just released a more refined user interface.

First notice the changes to the sidebar navigation, items are more condensed and simplified.

Also improved is the list view of your websites, to focus on the most important things.

Hope you like it!!!

November 15, 2023

Introducing Zip AI Assistant

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest feature: Zip AI Assistant! Your always available AI assistant to help you with:

  • Writing new content
  • Fixing grammatical errors
  • Translating text
  • Writing custom code snippets
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Responding to comments
  • And more

All from the convenience of your WordPress website.

With the Zip AI Assistant we are introducing a new credit system and including monthly credits into all Zip plans, including the free plan.

Also, AI credits can be purchased separately here.

You can learn more about Zip AI Assistant here.

With this new credit system we will be able to offer more AI features to all of our users in the coming weeks/months.


  • Zip AI Assistant
November 9, 2023

Introducing White Label Domains

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest feature: White Label Domains

Currently when you create a new website, the url will look like this:

See the at the end? This new feature allows you to white label the domain to a domain that is yours.

So if I were to go and register a new domain name for this purpose, for example, all new websites you create would look like this:

This is a perfect feature for agencies or freelancers that work with clients.

To enable the feature, go to the team management page, and enter the domain you have registered for this purpose.

We know you will love it.


  • White Label Domain Mapping


  • Restore site from email
  • Ask confirmation while deleting a Site
  • Send email when site is deleted by user or by system
  • Updated WordPress, plugins & themes of newly created AI site
  • Accurate disk usage of site, included database & files.