ZipWP Brand Assets & Usage Guidelines

Brand Assets

Here, you’ll find all the essential brand elements to maintain a consistent and cohesive representation of our brand. Please follow the guidelines provided to ensure proper usage of these assets.

Primary Logos

Use them whenever you are meeting your audience for the first time. These logos are large and they’re not meant for small confined places like profile photos or mobile environments.

Monotone Logos

When you want to go for a classy and dignified minimalist approach on backgrounds without contrast, monotone logos will do the trick.


These Icons are compact enough to fit small spaces and fast to recognize at a glance. Communicate the core idea while saving screen real estate and amplifying the aesthetic appeal.

250×250 px

180×180 px

120×120 px

96×96 px

72×72 px

48×48 px

36×36 px


Please use these fonts to create a distinct appearance and emotionally compelling consistency. We find that Figtree makes the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing in just the right way.

Headlines – Figtree Bold

Create a Stunning Website with ZipWP

Body – Figtree Regular

Welcome to the AI Revolution for website creation. Simply describe your idea, and watch as a WordPress website is built before your eyes.


RGB: 255, 88, 14

RGB: 184, 9, 167
RGB: 233, 11, 118

RGB: 252, 133, 54


RGB: 253, 244, 255


RGB: 253, 244, 255

Color Palette

We understand that colors can make or break the relationship with your followers or website visitors. So, we made using our brand colors easier for you. Simply copy these codes to make your assets stand out and elicit the emotional response that ZipWP is about.

Clear Space

Give the logo some room to breathe so that you can maintain the visual impact in every composition. Please keep the specified clear space when using the logo and the brand name.

Partner Directories

Show off your existing lineup to engage customers and recruit prospective partners. Communicate the user’s benefits, partner’s stories, and the program’s value. And don’t forget a clear, visible CTA button to make it easy for your visitors to sign up.

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