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Benefits of Upgrading to ZipWP Premium Plans

At ZipWP, we understand the importance of finding the right plan to meet your needs. Below, we break down the features provided in each of our plans to help you make an informed decision.

Create Instant WordPress Websites

With ZipWP, you can quickly set up instant websites to experiment with your desired plugins, themes, or updates.

You can create these sites in seconds either from your ZipWP dashboard or by using the command in your search bar.

This feature is available in all plans, from Free, Pay Per Use, Pro, to Business.

AI Sites

You can instantly create the first draft version of your website using AI. This is the same as creating a complete website.

This means ZipWP generates a complete website, including images, and text using AI, and if the first draft doesn’t fully meet your requirements, you can customize it later to suit your preferences.

The number of AI websites you can generate changes based on your plan:

  • Free: 3 AI sites Generations total
  • Pay Per Use: 5 AI sites Generations total
  • Pro: 5 AI sites Generations Per Day
  • Business: 10 AI sites Generations Per Day

Mark Websites As Permanent

With the ZipWP Free plan, your websites stay active for 24 hours, offering a straightforward and effortless experience.

On the other hand, websites created in the other premium plans are automatically set as permanent by default. These websites do not expire after any specific duration, although you have the option to mark them as temporary if desired.

The number of permanent sites allowed varies in each plan:

  • Free: No permanent sites allowed.
  • Personal: 5 permanent sites.
  • Pro: 10 permanent sites.
  • Business: 20 permanent sites.

Disk Space

Disk space allows you to allocate storage space for website files and data. You can create as many websites as you want as long as you have the necessary disk space available for them.

Here’s how much disk space you have available according to your plan:

  • Free: No disk space.
  • Pay Per Use: No disk space.
  • Pro: 10 GB of disk space.
  • Business: 20 GB of disk space.

AI Credits

AI Credits determine the amount of AI you can use within ZipWP. Think of them as units that are consumed each time you use ZipWP AI.

These AI Credits are not consumed when you’re building a complete website with AI.

However, they are spent under the following conditions:

For example, if you personalize full website pages using ZipWP AI in Starter Templates, 5000 of your AI Credits will be deducted from your ZipWP account.

You can monitor your remaining AI credits by accessing the Usage tab in your ZipWP account.

To gain a deeper understanding of our AI credits and how their usage is calculated, check this article.

The number of AI credits provided varies according to each plan:

  • Free: 1000 AI Credits Total.
  • Pay Per Use: 10,000 AI Credits Total.
  • Pro: 20,000 AI Credits monthly.
  • Business: 100,000 AI Credits monthly.

Invite Team Members

With the ZipWP Business plan, you have the option to invite up to 10 team members to your ZipWP organization. ZipWP organizations basically help manage websites, billing, and control access.

You can choose to invite clients or team members to join your organization in ZipWP, allowing them to assist in managing or viewing the websites you create.

The invited members can generate AI sites as well as experiment with any themes, plugins, or updates on the ZipWP sites.

You can find more information about inviting and managing team members in this article.

This feature is exclusively available with our Business plan.

White Label Your Domain

All websites created with ZipWP have the default URL with the domain However, you can customize this domain to represent your brand and enhance brand authenticity.

This is also known as white-labeling your domain. To do this, first select your organization from the sidebar and click on the Manage button next to it. Then, just select this option to rename your domain.

You can learn how to do this here in our docs.

White label is only available with our Business plan.

Exclusive VIP Support

We provide satisfactory support to all our customers. Each plan holders receive premium support to ensure their tickets are promptly addressed, ensuring their systems remain stable and secure.

This means we have a dedicated support ready to answer all your questions 24/7. You can count on us to deliver long-term professional support and complete satisfaction.

Clone Your Websites

With ZipWP, you can quickly duplicate your existing websites, saving time and effort in your workflow.

Whether you’re creating templates or experimenting with designs, cloning offers a simple way to replicate your ZipWP sites.

Cloning websites is available only with our Pro and Business plan.

SFTP Support

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is essential for WordPress sites as it ensures the safe transfer of sensitive files.

You can enable SFTP in your ZipWP account to ensure the security of your file transfers.

Enabling this feature allows you to securely transfer files, protecting your login credentials, themes, plugins, and content from potential security threats.

For further information on our SFTP settings, refer to this article.

SFTP is only available with our Pro and Business plan.

AI Wireframe Builder (Bete)

Additionally, you gain access to one of the most useful features – the AI Wireframe Builder – helping you build advanced websites like e-commerce or course websites efficiently.

This will soon be available with our Business plan.

Comparison Between Plans

Along with these, ZipWP provides many more features with each plan. Here’s a comparison between all the plans available for better understanding.



Pay Per Use



Instant WordPress Spinup

Temporary Website Expiry Time

24 hours

15 days

15 days

30 days

Disk Space

1 GB

10 GB

20 GB

AI Credits

1000 AI Credits Total

10,000 AI Credits Total

20,000 AI Credits Monthly

100,000 AI Credits Monthly

Team Members





White Label Domain

AI Wireframe Builder (Beta)

Restore Expired Sites

Clone Sites


Thinking of restoring an expired site?

If you wish to restore an expired site, then please go through this help document once.

In summary, upgrading to our premium plans provides you with the tools you need to build and manage websites more effectively. You can check out all of our plans here.

Hope this helps you make informed decisions about purchasing ZipWP paid plans based on your needs. However, if you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!

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