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Zip AI: Premium Designs for Effortless Website Creation

Available for Paid Users (Pay Per Use, Pro, and Business)

Zip AI is excited to introduce a collection of premium designs that elevate your website creation experience.

These professionally crafted designs offer a perfect blend of style, functionality, and user-friendliness, allowing you to build a stunning website effortlessly.

Where to Find Premium Designs?

If you have a Pay Per use or Pro or Business subscription, then you can access these premium starter templates. Accessing Zip AI’s premium designs is simple and straightforward. Here’s a guide:

Within the AI Builder: During step 6 (Design Selection) of the AI Builder’s process, you’ll find a section showcasing premium designs alongside free options.

Or you can access these starter templates from the ZipWP dashboard.

ZipWP Dashboard ( When creating a website using AI on the ZipWP dashboard, you will land up on the same design section at step 6 where you’ll encounter the premium designs.

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