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ZipWP Member Roles & Their Permissions

You can invite people to join your ZipWP organization to help you manage your website.

While inviting people to your organization, you can assign them different roles that will determine the level of access they have and which features they can use while being part of your ZipWP organization.

These roles are:

  • Owner
  • Member
  • Guest

The table below provides a clear overview of which permissions each role holds.

Manage billingYesNoNo
Manage organization-level settings such as white labelYesNoNo
Create new project/access projectsYesNoNo
Access all websites within the organizationYesYesNo
View the number of remaining websitesYesYesNo
Create websites within the organizationYesYesYes
Create new projects/access projectsYesYesYes
View remaining disk spaceYesYesYes
Advanced site options (dropdown menu where people access FTP, etc)YesYesYes

Based on the permissions, you can assign the required role to any person you invite to your ZipWP organization.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions, please let us know!

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